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AI transforms all industries, including yours. The successful companies are those that realize that data is one of their most valuable assets, and try to extract information from it. The development in AI is akin to the IT boom a couple of decades ago, where some companies failed to transform and do not exist anymore. Yet other companies spent huge sums on ill-defined projects with equally devastating consequences. But those that did it well have thrived.

Starting the AI journey is necessary but not risk-free. However, with the democratization of AI & data science it has become much easier for companies big or small alike to reap the benefits of AI if done correctly. Codon believes in building data & AI products iteratively, in close collaboration with sales & marketing and data teams, in order to quickly reach the market without massive investments.

Below are some examples of how Codon can assist you on your AI journey.

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Tailor-made for your organization

Our AI Startup Workshop is always adapted to each client in order to present the most relevant methods and business cases. Some of the areas covered are:

  • What is AI and how it is used?
  • What possibilities existing your business area?
  • How can your company, specifically, get started?
  • What expectations can you have on an AI project?
  • How do you create a realistic AI roadmap?

Together with you we build business cases that are relevant for your business and discuss what opportunities you have to start working with AI. Based on the specifics of your company, we analyze the strategic AI assets that you have or could create, and help you develop a realistic, long-term strategic AI plan.

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Long-term advisory services

Codon has hands-on expertise in guiding companies on their AI transformation. Our team has experience of:

  • Productionizing AI solutions
  • Designing and implementing data infrastructures from scratch
  • Company board membership
  • Building and leading data science teams
  • Setting up KPIs and metrics for organizations together with management
  • Planning and budgeting

Codon provides advisory services for your company that take you along your AI journey faster and with lower risk of failure. If desired, we can also add hands-on AI & data science consultant that bring scarce competence, and assist in recruitment to build your own in-house teams.

For a successful AI transformation, data science thinking should be fully integrated in the organization as a whole, much like for IT. Buy-in from management and the rest of the organization is required, and a change management plan could be needed. To guide this transformation, Codon steps in where needed. Depending on the situation, this could imply temporarily joining your management team or take part in a smaller purposefully built AI transformation team. The degree of involvement from us is based on your specific needs.

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