Startups often lack in-house expertise and need cost-efficient and well-defined solutions that work well without much maintenance. As consultants we therefore not only provide the machine learning algorithm but also all the engineering required to deploy it.

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The puppy poster

About The Puppy Poster

Puppy Poster is the typical small startup, run by two people and founded in 2018. Its goal is to make it easy and enjoyable to create unique, personal and stylish posters of what they love the most – dogs.

Codon work on end-to-end style-transfer solution for The Puppy Poster

Codon created an end-to-end machine learning product that takes a photo of a dog, removes its background, and transfers the style of the photo to that of a piece of art that the customer can choose.

We employed two separate machine learning algorithms for removing the background and transferring the style. We put each into a dockerized web server (a microservice architecture). We scripted the whole Amazon cloud account of the client with AWS CloudFormation. Finally, we used Kubernetes to ensure the stable running of the microservice architecture in the cloud.


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